About us

Hi there! We are Mina + Marco, M+M.

M+M is a creative Post-Production studio based in NYC.

After 7 years of leading teams in large studios, Marco Monti and Mina Ok decided to open their own studio in March 2021.

Mina is originally from South Korea and specializes in fashion and beauty photography. Having graduated from Hongik University in Seoul with a Bachelor's Degree in Visual Design, she led the in-house team of Hongjanghyun Studio in Seoul for 4 years before moving to New York City where she worked at Dtouch, Bespoke, and Gloss Studio.

Marco comes from Italy and graduated in Cinema from La Sapienza in Rome. He started his experience as a photographer for the Italian Ministry of Arts before moving to New York City. Marco is an expert in still life photography retouching and worked for major jewelry, beauty, and fashion brands. 

With a creative solution-driven method, the studio works in close collaboration with photographers and art directors in each project. With their combined experience, M+M is able to offer a thoughtful consultation and an effective timeline for any kind of photography work, and media-based content.

We like working together - the duo have a good spirit. They are very precise and efficient and are always ready before the deadline.
Magdalena Kmiecik
M+M are able to blend a beautiful range of post-production skills, in both people and still life photography, which is extremely practical for my work.
Mattia Balsamini